Post Sleep

Post-dreaming is that period when the conscious mind is once again in the forefront of all activities.


When you awaken, you should stay relaxed with your eyes closed. Mentally run through the dream if you have recalled it until it is fixed in your mind. To do this, think of the last image that you can remember and follow the image backwards asking y ourself what happened before this situation.


After you have reviewed one dream and have it firmly fixed in your mind, gently move over into another position that you sleep in during the night. You will find that many times being in a position that you had a dream in will evoke the memory of the dream.


If you find that nothing seems to come to you, keep your eyes closed and think of people who are significant in your life. If this still does not evoke any dream memory, think of situations and events that have occured during the last few days.

Some people find that rather than trying to determine events and situations, if they clear their mind and think of nothing, their dreams seem to come to them.

If you still don't remember your dream, stay relaxed and keep your eyes closed. Watch the images that are passing through your mind. You may find that many times these images will be related to your dreams and will spark your dream memory.


If you find that while still going through all of the above suggestions you can not remember your dream, there is something you can do that will help increase your dream recall.

It is important that you continue to keep your dream journal (tapes) if you are remembering your dreams or not. One way that you can do this is to make up a dream and put it in your dream journal (tape) in the morning. Indicate that it is one that you have made up. You will find that after a time, that if you are going to the trouble to make up a dream and write it down, your subconscious will take the cue and your dream recall will improve.


Once you have remembered a dream, it is important to tag it so that it is not forgotten. If it is at all possible, write or tape your dream immediately after recalling it. As you are reviewing the dream, make mental tags for different sections of t he dream. These tags are best remembered if they are associated with the images of the dreams that are strange or different from normal waking reality.

As you transcribe the dream, it is important to record verbal expressions that are unique: poems, numbers, and messages FIRST; then write or tape the rest of the dream. Also make sure to indicate the date of the dream and any circumstances and thou ghts you have about the dream.

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