Linton Hutchinson

Linton Hutchinson (CrushTheExam@gmail.com) has been working with dream for over thirty years. He first introduced the use of dreams at Stonesoup School an alternative program based on Summerhill that he and others created to meet the needs of students that were bored to tears in public school. Kids from 8 to 18 were part of a community that shared dreams in the morning, wore their dreams during that day, and played at mutual dreaming and lucidity as easily as you might watch TV !! The dream classes at Stonesoup integrated the Seth Material Jung, and Cayce, with Gestalt, drawing, sculpture and endless plays and dramas of the conflicts and resolutions of their dreams at night.

Linton went back to school finished his Masters in Counseling and later his Ph.D. at Union Institute in Psychology. His dissertation was on the Waking and Dreaming Need Profiles of medical students in Grenada, West Indies and how they integrated dreams in their learning process.

Since that time, Linton has taught dream courses at Rollins College and integrated them in mental health counseling courses at the University of the South Pacific, Nova University, and the University of Central Florida. He was the Regional Coordinator for Webster University's Mental Health Counseling program where graduate students learned Dream Translation techniques using DreamLynx, <http://www.Dreamlynx.com/.dream> a web site devoted to the translation of dreams that he and his wife Beck created.

Linton believes that having students realize that working with unconscious material can help clients facilitate change is important in the therapeutic process. Giving students the skills to augment this process has been a a goal and opportunity that he has used.

Currently Linton continues to work on DreamLynx reaching a wider audience interested in dreams. His contribution to the dream community is the concept of Dream Translations as opposed to Dream Analysis or Interpretation. Dream Translation is the key stone of the mission statement at DreamLynx.

The main focus at DreamLynx is to provide a medium where dreamers can receive a fresh look from another eyes and from someone else's perspective. Since the translators that look at a dream have different backgrounds educationally, socially, and culturally on a global scale, the dreamer ends up with a very diverse translation of a submitted dream. Children to Seniors read these dreams and submit translations which will provides the dreamer with perspectives that developmentally the dreamer may have forgotten, or is yet to experience. A dreamer can realize what her dream may mean if she were a 65 year old grandmother from St. Petersburg or a 12 year old in the Fiji Islands using DreamLynx. The final meaning of the dream of course rests with the dreamer but translating the dream into other cultures, economic backgrounds and developmental experiences provides a rich media to explore the dream.

Sections of DreamLynx include: Resources showing you how to interpret dreams, Journal for viewing and responding to dreams on the web, and a Guest Section for highlighting dream researchers There is an Exchange Section that details what is current in the dream community and an BBS Section to leave messages for others. Dream Interns and Artists welcome. Interested individuals may join one of many groups that translate dreams.

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