Although I have no formal training in dream analysis, I have always enjoyed the dream world. Going to sleep, for me, has always been a pleasant idea, for my dreams are like reading the story of my life!

I find it fascinating that our minds can be so creative....with their use of puns, symbols, and images. Although I find some benefit in the more universal interpretation of symbols, I dislike books (or people!) suggesting that a particular symbol or image has only one meaning. I truly believe that only the dreamer can know, for sure, what each dream means. Therefore, I really try to "take the dream as my own" when I attempt to interpret it. That way, the owner of the dream does not need to accept my translation as the true meaning of the dream.

I live with my husband on the west coast of British Columbia and have two adult children. I have found my own dreams particularly helpful during the last year, while dealing with the loss of my third child in an automobile accident.

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