Symbol Substitution

An effective way of determining the meaning of a dream is through the process of association. The procedure for this technique is to have the individual go through their dream and pick out any symbols that are contained within the dream and number them on a separate piece of paper. After writing the dream symbols, the individual writes their individual response to each symbol. After all the symbols and associations have been written out, the original dream is rewritten using the associations in place of each original symbol in the dream.


Using an index card file or a computer print out of your dream symbols, select a number of dreams that have similar dream symbols. Relax and try to allow the images of the different dreams merge together forming a larger dream. Let an image or fantasy emerge from the composite dreams. Try to determine what relationship, if any, there is between the dream image that was synthesized from the composite dream and see if there are any waking situations that might be related to this particular image. Write out a physical action that could be taken because of the information learned through using this technique.


Choose a major symbol from your dream. Determine the major symbol using the following criteria: 1. Choose the symbol with which you have the greatest liking or disliking for. 2. Choose the symbol that is strangest to you or the one you most fear.

Once you have determined the major symbol find a comfortable place where you can be alone for a while. Close your eyes, relax and let your mind go blank. Focus on the dream symbol as if it were alive. Focus on the details of the symbols and try to feel the symbol. If you have a tape recorder, talk out loud any thoughts and feelings that come to mind about the symbol. Try not to evaluate your experience as it is happening. Just allow the images to flow into your mind and record what is taking place. When you are finished, listen to the tape and evaluate what happened. what new understanding and meaning does this major symbol now hold for you?

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