RESCRIPTING One way to come to some type of completion within the dream is through rescripting. When you are rescripting the dream, make the dream come out to your advantage. Any images that were dangerous or detrimental should be defeated or eliminated. Taking a more positive approach, have the images that are harmful become your friends and act in a positive and good manner toward you. In everything that you can imagine, turn the dream into a positive, rewarding experience. Find that there are dream characters that can come to you and help you in your dreams. Give them strength, and wisdom so that they can be supportive and facilitative within the dream state.

You will find that if you rescript your dreams during the day, your dreams will change during the night. Individuals that you script will appear in your dreams as friendly helpers. Spend time during the day daydreaming about your dreams rescripting them and writing the new dream report that you have rescripted down.tely new words. Then go back and using the new words

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