Amplification is a Jungian technique which attempts to expand the individual's associations and understanding of a dream image. An image is chosen from the dream and the individual asks questions of the image.

PERSONAL SYMBOLOGY The individual's association to a person, place, or idea will be an extension of themselves. Because of the rich diversity of environments that all individuals have been exposed to, the meaning that one person gives to a symbol will be unique to their own experience. When creating a personal symbology there are four areas that should be used to explore the dream image:

1. SHAPE The first way that an individual should look at a symbol is in terms of their relationship to its physical form. Is it large or small, long or thin, what color is it? You should then think of other associations that might be related to or have similar characteristics to the shape of the symbol.

2. FUNCTION The individual should then try to determine the function of the symbol. What is the purpose of the symbol? Does it protect, is it for cutting, damming up, opening, closing? What is its purpose? Questions that should be asked are ones dealing with situations that you have been in and how they relate to the functioning of this symbol.

3. ALTERATION How does the symbol alter or change during the course of events in the dream? If it does not alter or change in reality, how does this object normally change or alter? Does it go from big to small, from start to stop? Does the symbol indicate any alteration in your life?

4. GESTALT Look at the symbol and see its relationship to the whole. What part does the symbol play in helping build the whole? If this symbol is part of who you are, how is this helping you get closer or farther away from your goals?

The individual writes down all of the associations that he can think of concerning the image. Example:Telephone Exchange A central place for communications. A safe house where information can be exchanged. The exchange allows for quick and easy access to information....

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